1. For the price of one conventional advertisement in the media, you have World Wide Exposure of the Property For Sale or To Let;
  2. It is not our intention to eradicate Real Estate Agents, but to offer a service where you can sell off (or buy) a property without having to pay commission. By cutting out the middle man, you could negotiate your own price and replace your property with ease. In many instances, a seller cannot replace the property sold after commissions have been paid;
  3. Should commissions not be payable, the buyer could now qualify for a property with up to 10% better value, resulting in a better investment for the same repayment or capital lay out;
  4. Normally commission is 7, 5% plus Value Added Tax. It is 8,55 % of the sale price. The buyer has to budget for an additional 8, 55% in purchase price. This could result in not qualifying for finance for the said property. Having 8,55% more available could result in better value for money;
  5. Buyer and seller negotiate direct;
  6. Save on time and unnecessary middle man negotiating delays;
  7. Prevent playing off;
  8. Eliminate confusion and frustration;
  9. International exposure through World Wide Web;
  10. Only serious buyers negotiate - not curious people in and out of your property - visiting conveniently arranged by you;
  11. Central source of information;
  12. Free tools such as: Affordability of repayment, Required minimum salary for Bond qualification, Bond Calculator, Transfer Costs Calculator;
  13. Offer to purchase, Sales agreement and Application for Bond / Finance available on request to Registered Buyers and Sellers;
  14. Exposure to Bond facilitators, Financial Institutions and Conveyancers;

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