www.clickonproperties.co.za is a World Wide Web (or Internet) based advertising platform where sellers and lessors can offer properties for sale or to let and through which buyers and lessees can obtain this information buy "clicking on it". It offers an effective advertising medium or platform for private individuals, estate agents and businesses who are buying, selling and letting residential & commercial property and businesses in South Africa. This popular website is visited by thousand of people looking for property to buy or rent.

By advertising on www.clickonproperties.co.za, you can sell, buy or rent property and save money and time. If a prospective buyer is to relocating from a different region or country, a For Sale sign on your property might not be seen but, your listing on www.clickonproperties.co.za will be seen 24 hours 7 days a week from anywhere in the world!

www.clickonproperties.co.za does not necessarily replace an Estate Agent of For Sale sign, but can also act as assistance thereto. Several Services are available including the necessary documentation.

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