Your contact detail is not available on the site. The potential Buyer clicks on "Contact Seller", fills in his / her detail and an email is forwarded to the Seller. The Seller contacts the Potential Buyer.

www.clickonproperties.co.za is a World Wide Web (or Internet) based advertising platform where sellers and lessors can offer properties for sale or to let and through which buyers and lessees can obtain this information buy "clicking on it". It offers an effective advertising medium or platform for private individuals, estate agents and businesses who are buying, selling and letting residential & commercial property and businesses in South Africa. This popular website is visited by thousand of people looking for property to buy or rent.

By advertising on www.clickonproperties.co.za, you can sell, buy or rent property and save money and time. If a prospective buyer is to relocating from a different region or country, a For Sale sign on your property might not be seen but, your listing on www.clickonproperties.co.za will be seen 24 hours 7 days a week from anywhere in the world!

www.clickonproperties.co.za does not necessarily replace an Estate Agent of For Sale sign, but can also act as assistance thereto. Several Services are available including the necessary documentation.

  1. For the price of one conventional advertisement in the media, you have World Wide Exposure of the Property For Sale or To Let;
  2. It is not our intention to eradicate Real Estate Agents, but to offer a service where you can sell off (or buy) a property without having to pay commission. By cutting out the middle man, you could negotiate your own price and replace your property with ease. In many instances, a seller cannot replace the property sold after commissions have been paid;
  3. Should commissions not be payable, the buyer could now qualify for a property with up to 10% better value, resulting in a better investment for the same repayment or capital lay out;
  4. Normally commission is 7, 5% plus Value Added Tax. It is 8,55 % of the sale price. The buyer has to budget for an additional 8, 55% in purchase price. This could result in not qualifying for finance for the said property. Having 8,55% more available could result in better value for money;
  5. Buyer and seller negotiate direct;
  6. Save on time and unnecessary middle man negotiating delays;
  7. Prevent playing off;
  8. Eliminate confusion and frustration;
  9. International exposure through World Wide Web;
  10. Only serious buyers negotiate - not curious people in and out of your property - visiting conveniently arranged by you;
  11. Central source of information;
  12. Free tools such as: Affordability of repayment, Required minimum salary for Bond qualification, Bond Calculator, Transfer Costs Calculator;
  13. Offer to purchase, Sales agreement and Application for Bond / Finance available on request to Registered Buyers and Sellers;
  14. Exposure to Bond facilitators, Financial Institutions and Conveyancers;

www.clickonproperties.co.za is mainly a web site platform for advertising services. We do not provide or attempt to provide any real estate, appraisal, legal, or other professional services unless expressly stated. Our services to Private Sellers are to provide advertising space only. We do not take any part any private- selling, renting, leasing of real estate other than by advertising such real estate for sale or rent/lease. If a property is purchased or rented/leased, a contract will be formed between the buyer and seller or lessor and lessee directly. On private deals where no agent is involved no commission is payable.

The Seller advertises on the web and the buyer contacts him/her personally.We do not act as agent for either party and is thus not entitled to any commission on private sales.

Yes, providing that the mandate that you have given the agent is an open mandate and not a sole mandate. Should you find a potential buyer through your listing on our web site and wish to do the sale yourself, it will be a private sale and no agent involvement is necessary.

If you have given any agent a sole mandate or exclusive sole mandate, the buyer should be referred to the Estate Agent as he/she is entitled to his/her commission irrespective of how the buyer is found or who has found the buyer. You can still advertise your property on www.clickonproperties.co.za but in association with the agent and also not under the 0% Commission, but under an agent listing.

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