Sole Mandates

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The majority of residential properties in South Africa are sold under a sole agency agreement. Unfortunately, owners often choose an open mandate when marketing their homes, believing that the more agents they have working on their property, the sooner they will achieve a good price for their property.  In fact, the reverse is true, as no agent likes to spend time and money on a property they might not sell. A competent, self respecting agent would rather list a few properties exclusively than taking a hundred open listings.

With a Sole Mandate, the agent and the agency are contractually bound to spend all their efforts to market the home within a set period of time laid out in the Sole Mandate agreement. Sole Agents spend more time working exclusively on the said property, putting in more energy into the marketing of a home where they know the responsibility of getting the home sold lies with them.


The Buyer's Guide

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Buying Property Privately:

Buying property privately has never been easier than now! Buyers do not need to register on this site when browsing for a property. By selecting the Province, Town and Neighbourhood, you will be directed to all available properties in that search criteria.

By clicking on the photo you would be able to Browse the Property. Should you be interested in a property, you could click on "Contact Seller" and supply your contact details; the Seller will contact you personally. When an agreement is made, the Seller could supply you with a unique "Private Offer to Purchase / Sales Agreement". Please read carefully when making an offer, see suspensive conditions, Should you need any assistance please click on "Contact".

Happy House Hunting!

Home Buying Tips : Location, location, location

  • The area where you live will be at least as important as the property itself. It is therefore advisable to purchase a smaller property in a better area.
  • Find a property for sale in places that interest you.
  • By researching the real estate market in a particular area you will be much better informed on property values.
  • Look at property prices to see how many properties have actually been sold for in the area.
  • Consider the local schools and check on availability before buying.
  • Look at local crime figures.
  • Large tracts of vacant adjoining land can attract vagrants and squatters.
  • Visit at different times - is it a quiet road at 6pm but full of noisy people when the pubs close?
  • Explore the whole area, not just streets you might live on.

Home Buying Tips : Your new home

  • Ensure the building is structurally sound i.e. there are no cracks in the walls, ceilings etc.
  • If a property has been renovated recently you might wish to see the approved plans, or ask the seller if there are any illegal structures that have not been approved.
  • Ask if there are any defects in the property that are not visible, as the seller is obliged to tell you.
  • Look carefully for damp spots or moisture as this may indicate a leak or rising damp.
  • Check the history of any scruffy - and therefore cheap - property. If it's been rented it may have had a succession of landlords, all of whom may have done the bare minimum in repair and upkeep.
  • New carpets, bathrooms and kitchens can be signs of a superficial renovation that is hiding more serious work to be done.

Home Buying Tips : Why are you purchasing the property?

  • If you intend living in the property does it really suit your needs?
  • If you have young children or elderly people living with you, you might wish to avoid stairs.
  • Do you intend to install a pool in the future?
  • Is the garden too big or too small?
  • Will you need more bedrooms in future?

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